You Are My Sunshine Ukulele

//You Are My Sunshine Ukulele
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Once you have mastered this version, why not try add a few more chords in Ele’s second tutorial:

Song: You Are My Sunshine
Tutor: Ele
Instrument: Uke

0:00-0:37 – Intro
0:41-0:49 – Chords (C, F, G)
1:11-1:24 – Chord order
1:25-1:53 – Strumming (DDU U D U)
1:54-2:08 – Alternative strumming pattern (UDU UDU)
2:25-2:58 – Singing the chords
2:59-3:41 – Counting the beats
3:49-4:14 – Playthrough of the chorus

4 beats = 2 strumming cycles ie DDU U D U, DDU U D U.

Singing is tricky for beginners but keep going! The key is to figure out what word to sing on the chord change. On this song the singing starts before the the first C strum. Its: you are my SUN (C 8 beats) shine my only sunshine you make me HAPPY (F 4 beats) when skies are GREY (C 4 beats) you’ll never KNOW (F 4 beats) dear how much I LOVE (C 4 beats) you please don’t TAKE (C 2 beats) my SUN (G 2 beats) shine aWAY(C 4 beats)